Welcome to Grafton U3A

“Sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences in a friendly, convivial way.”

U3A is a wide network of organisations with a common philosophy. U3A began in France in the early 1970’s

At first it was an initiative to provide older people with access to university programs at reduced costs. This is where the name U3A comes from – it stands for “University of the Third Age”.

Like many good ideas, the U3A concept spread rapidly to many different countries. In Britain the model underwent a change. It became a community initiative rather than a program linked to a university.

U3A has been in Australia since 1984. In NSW there are well over 40 separate U3A associations. Each group operates autonomously, but many, like Grafton U3A, choose to affiliate to the NSW Council of U3A Inc.

They believe that:

  • learning should be a life-long experience
  • learning can be fun in a friendly social setting
  • learners don’t need entry requirements, exams and awards
  • people can learn just for the love of it.

Grafton U3A is part of this network. It was formed and incorporated in October 2002 to facilitate learning amongst retired and semi-retired people in the Grafton area.