COVID19 Information for Leaders

Hi Tutors & Co-coordinators.

Please be aware of your responsibilities if holding classes or groups during COVID – 19 restrictions.

  • Exclude members or visitors who are unwell and advise to home isolate or get a COVID test. Ask them NOT to attend any U3A Functions while sick.
  • All members to register on arrival – to ensure records collected for the purposes of COVID-19 contact tracing.
  • U3A Rooms have a book just inside entry door on the desk
  • All external meeting places – must have a sign in process (re: their Business plan) or
  • U3A Members must complete this form (<– download & print the form)
  • Co-ordinators to place registration form in with attendance sheet and monies.
  • Good luck and stay healthy

Alysan Pender

President, Grafton U3A

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