Letter from the President

Hi everyone

Here we are at the much vaunted “Freedom Day”.  But nothing seems to have improved from a U3A perspective.

We are still stuck with a 1 person/ 4sq metres rule, which continues to prevent a gathering of any group with more than 8 participants in our rooms. Masks are still mandatory indoors.

Also, starting today, the NSW Government requires that all people aged 16 and over entering our premises must be fully vaccinated (unless they are exempt).  This means that in order for any of our members to attend one of the few small groups currently operating, and the Mens’ Shed, they must provide proof of their double vaccination status (digital or printed certificate). This rule is expected to remain in place for the next 3 weeks. After November 1st, there could be a change to this regulation.

Re Jabberfest – Since the New Life Church cannot, in all conscience, agree to this regulation, they have closed their doors for the next 3 weeks. They will conduct their services only via Zoom and have advised that the building will not be available for use by the various groups which regularly use the building, including U3A. Both the New Life Church and the Conservatorium are adamant that only people who are double vaccinated can access their site at present.  By the 1st of December it is expected that the regulations will have changed again, and that those who are unvaccinated will be able to move freely again (including into our U3A premises).

Re our next Committee Meeting on 18th October.  We will be discussing alternative venues for our AGM.  

The Clarence Valley is moving quickly towards 85% double vaxxed, so the regulations could change any time. See you soon, I hope.



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